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Take a look at our 3D animated instructional video below!

To make the Transflux™ system as user-friendly as possible, we made a couple of videos, that explain the advantages of the system. We also made a very clear and animated guide on how the medical staff and nurses should use our products on a daily basis.

Some very known professors and doctors wanted to express their enthusiasm in using our products. Some used our products as an example in their presentations and some witnessed in front of our camera, about the use of the Transflux™ system.

We try to develop the Transflux™ each day by listening to users and by investigating new systems and techniques with our engineers. We try to enhance and make the Transflux™ system the golden standard in contrast administration all over the world.

Transflux™ & TRANSSET™ 3D ANIMATED Instructions for use

In this general instruction video, the daily use of the Transflux™ & Transset™ system is demonstrated in a 3D animation following all necessary steps for a easy setup.

Transflux™ presentation movie

This is the general presentation of the Transflux™ and Transset™ system. Explaining the advantages of the system.


Worldwide patented & trademarked

Transflux™ CT & Transset™ systems are patented in certain jurisdictions.

More video’s and above video’s subtitled in different languages are availabe on our Youtube channel.

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