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Transflux™ CT patient line, the proven safest contrast delivery system.

Designed for Patient Safety

When Transflux™ is used with one of our Transset™ injection lines, the unique disconnect feature functions as a protective cap in between 2 patients, preserving patient safety whole day long…

Unique Technical features

The unique design of the disconnect feature provides:

  • Automatic protection of the reusable filling set (Transset™).
  • Making blood reflux control possible, avoiding extravasations and subcontanious injections.
  • Permanent acces to the vein in case of emergency.
Use the worldwide patented Transflux™ and Transset™ for the highest patient safety and save time, waste and money !

The Transflux™ contrast delivery system has been developed for delivering contrast media from a reservoir to the patient and with the need to only change the tubing in closest proximity to the patient. i.e. the CT patient line.

The Transflux™ system incorporates two safety zones and two one-way valves separated by a fluid pressure interaction zone. This permits the vein to be flushed, the blood reflux to be controlled and the subsequent injection of contrast media to be performed.

The purpose of the system is to avoid the need to change power syringes for each patient procedure by eliminating the risk of contamination of the syringes.

The benefit is a considerable reduction in cost and time without the risk of cross-contamination and with the advantage of the management of blood reflux.

When using a power injector and a Transset™ filling and injecting set, it is only necessary to change the Transflux™ part of the contrast delivery system with each patient procedure.


Reducing the ecological footprint

90 %
Reduction in clinical waste
25 %
Reduction in contrast usage


Save on medical costs

8 x
More patients a day
55 %
Cost reduction
This is what makes Transflux™ a great system...

Proven patient safety

When used by manufacturer’s instructions, this product eliminates any risk of cross contamination. Click here to read more about the safety study and publications.

Unique technical features

The unique disconnect valve protects the reusable filling set between patients, maintaining sterility and full patient safety.


In combination with one of the Transset™ filling & injecting sets, the system is usable for 12 consecutive hours. The multi-use feature produces less waste and let's you examen more patients a day.

User-friendly system

User-friendly for nurses and medical staff. A crystal-clear usersguide can be found on the website.

Economic & sustainable

Transflux™ provides a benefit of considerable reduction in cost, time and clinical waste, with no compromise to patient safety.

Clear valves & connectors

Using clear plastics for the valves, the won't not affect the reading of the rx-images.


How to use Tranflux™ correctly?

Watch our setup and usersguide-video of the Transset™ and Transflux™.

Experience the ease of use!

Take a look at our crystal clear usersguide or download a printable version.


Worldwide patented & trademarked

Transflux™ CT & Transset™ systems are patented and trademarked in certain jurisdictions based upon PCT/ EP2006/062554, PCT/ EP2009/066383 and PCT / EP2011/062179

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Transflux™ CT 20cm
Transflux™ CT 45cm
Transflux™ CT 60cm
Transflux™ CT 100cm
Transflux™ CT 120cm
Transflux™ CT 150cm
Transflux™ CT 250cm


20 cm
45 cm
60 cm
100 cm
20 cm
150 cm
250 cm


2×100 pcs
4×50 pcs
4×50 pcs
4×50 pcs
4×50 pcs
4×50 pcs
4×25 pcs

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