Transflux™ CT MRI

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Transflux™ CT type MRI

The Transflux™ variant for MRI procedures: same principle and features as the Transflux™ CT standard but slightly modified for the MRI-scan needs. The perfect tool for any MRI procedure.


What makes the Transflux™ a great system

The safest method of injection

When used by manufacturer’s instructions, this product eliminates the risk of cross contamination.

Save costs

Without changing the syringes on a “per-patient-basis" you save on medical costs.

Unique features

It protects the reusable filling set between patients, maintaining sterility. Using a patented disconnect system.

User-friendly system

User-friendly for nurses and medical staff


The Transset™ is reusable for 12 consecutive hours. Produce less waste and examen more patients a day by using this product.

Clear valves & connectors

Does not affect the reading of the rx-images.


How to use Tranflux™ correctly?

Watch our setup and usersguide-video of the Transset™ and Transflux™.

Experience the ease of use!

Download our printable usersguide.


Worldwide patented

Transflux™ CT system is patented in certain jurisdictions based upon PCT/ EP2006/062554, PCT/ EP2009/066383 and PCT / EP2011/062179

Article code

PR-20 206
PR-20 194
PR-30 511


Transflux™ CT 150cm for MRI
Transset™ Duo syringe
Transset™ Duo syringe – MRI in spiral


150 cm


4×50 pcs

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