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The Transset™ filling & injecting set

At one end the Transset™ filling-and injection set is attached to the syringes of a power injector and to reservoirs of saline and contrast media. At the other end it is attached to a Transflux™ patient-line with one-way valves and safety zones.

The combination of one-way valves allows filling the syringes and automatically draining the contrast and saline to the Transflux™ patient-line.

This Transflux™ patient-line protects the Transset™ Filling & Injection set against contamination and consequently the Transset can be reused if the guidelines and instructions for use as described are followed.

It can be used for 12 consecutive hours when used as prescribed in the included instructions for use. The Transflux™ still has to be changed on per-patient-basis.

The Transset™ filling-and injection set is compatible with the main contrast injectors such as Bayer, Nemoto, Bracco, Ulrich,…

Transset™ & Transflux™ schematic setup

What makes the Transflux™ + Transset™ the perfect combination?

The safest method of injection

When used by manufacturer’s instructions, this product eliminates the risk of cross contamination.

Save costs

Without changing the syringes on a “per-patient-basis" you save on medical costs.

Unique features

It protects the reusable filling set between patients, maintaining sterility. Using a patented disconnect system.

User-friendly system

User-friendly for nurses and medical staff


The Transset™ is reusable for 12 consecutive hours. Produce less waste and examen more patients a day by using this product.

Clear valves & connectors

Does not affect the reading of the rx-images.


How to use Tranflux™ correctly?

Watch our setup and usersguide-video of the Transset™ and Transflux™.

Experience the ease of use!

Download our printable usersguide.


Worldwide patented

Transflux™ CT & Transset™ systems are patented in certain jurisdictions.

Article code

PR-20 197
PR-20 198
PR-30 510
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PR-HP-22 501


Transset™ Mono Filling & Injecting Set
Transset™ Duo Filling & Injecting Set
Transset™ Duo Syringe in Spiral
Transset™ Duo MRI Filling & Injecting Set
Transset™ Duo Syringe – MRI in Spiral
Transset™ High Pressure Filling & Injecting Set



2×50 pcs
2×25 pcs
2×25 pcs
2×25 pcs
2×25 pcs
2×25 pcs


Reducing the ecological footprint

90 %
Reduction in clinical waste
25 %
Reduction in contrast usage


Reduction in medical costs

8 x
More patients a day
55 %
Cost reduction
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