What makes Transflux™ so unique?

The disconnect feature provides automatic protection of the reusable filling set between patients.
Making blood reflux control possible, avoiding extravasations and subcontanious injections.
The disconnect valve offers permanent acces to the vein in case of emergencies.

Several studies confirming zero cross-contamination risk

The doctoral study Microbial Safety Verification on an Infusion Set for Contrast Enhanced Imaging

This study was published in multiple international magazines :

Investigative Radiology Vol 47, Nr 4
World Journal of Methodology Vol 3, Issue 4

When Transflux™ is used with one of our Transset™ injection lines, the unique disconnect-feature functions as a protective cap in between 2 patients, preserving patient safety whole day long

Transflux™ and Transset™ reduce clinical waste and medical costs and gives a considerable increase in patientflow.

All Transflux™ and Transset™ products are protected by worldwide patents and trademarks!



Reducing the ecological footprint

Reduction in clinical waste
90 %
Reduction in contrast usage
25 %


Reduction in medical costs

More patients a day
8 x
Cost reduction
55 %

The driving force behind the company

Decades of experience in contrast media and contrast administration.

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J-P Peters

Managing Director | Founder of P&R Medical
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